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#those5days X 12 is a loss of 2 months. We have started a movement to break the silence and explain that menstruation is a normal physiological phenomenon, said Dr Ameeta Sinh, President
AIPC - Uttar Pradesh

Breaking the Silence

The taboo, the myths, the silence has to be broken. The talk is to be with the entire cross section of the village cutting across gender divide. The perceived shame around periods has to be eliminated.

Menstrual Hygiene Education

Meri Pad Yatra will facilitate one-on-one and group sessions, where Our Team of trained professionals will educate girls on Menstrual Hygiene Management.

Improve access to sanitary napkins

Meri Pad Yatra is partnering with the manufacturers of low cost, reusable, bio-degradable sanitary napkins that are leak-proof, anti-microbial, stain-proof and quick-dry. A onetime supply will suffice for a girl’s Menstrual Hygiene needs for an entire year. During the campaign our teams will distribute a free pack of two napkins as a one year supply.

Creating a Sustainable Model

After the first interaction, Meri Pad Yatra will follow up with the girls in a community on usage, feedback and further counseling.

In the first phase, we propose to reach out to one village in every district of UP. The idea is to create a working model to be replicated across UP.

The proposed Project is sustainable and will have a manifold impact on the community which includes improved Menstrual Hygiene, reduced incidence of reproductive tract infections and other related complications.